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Valli Piedra

First Party Collections Manager (9 years)

Valli Piedra has over 21 years of experience working in collections for container lines and was an active member of the National Maritime Credit Group for many years, responsible for establishing many industry credit and collection standards. Her industry experience included travel both inside and outside of the US to manage A/R in such locations as Mexico and Costa Rica. These account visits, both in and outside of the USA, helped to build strong ongoing networking partnerships which proved beneficial for both the steamship line and the customers. Valli believes in working A/R at the smartest levels by properly managing time and utilizing productive reporting and detailed target lists which guides team members for maximum efficiency. At Metro Group Maritime, Valli manages a team of 15 colleagues comprised of many former industry managers. Having former industry managers working as front line collectors is a Metro Group Maritime innovation and is what Valli believes to be the best part of the firm's arsenal. This leads to the most effective customer relationship management, problem solving and successful collections at the highest levels.

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