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We uncover and fix irregularities
before they become regulatory problems

Metro Group Maritime provides regulatory and audit services to help our clients manage risk. Our assessments scrutinize businesses practices to ensure compliance with internal policy and procedures, as well as government regulations.

We have been helping manage receivables and debt owed to carriers, terminals, railroad, and logistics providers for over 20 years. As lawyers, shipping veterans and auditors, we have been privileged to combine our capabilities to ensure compliant operations.  

The breadth of experience handling equipment fees and their related disputes and lawsuits has afforded us a unique perspective on detention, demurrage and per diem, which have attracted additional attention from the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).  



Our services provide three key benefits:

  • Improve invoicing accuracy that customers demand.

  • Reduce risk of regulatory interventions in the client’s business.

  • Demonstrate responsibility to all stakeholders and partners.


Not only are we providing operational and financial guidance, but we are also reinforcing our client's brand.   

Our audit philosophy is based on the viewpoint that it is best for Metro Group to uncover irregularities before regulators. We examine processes for a clear system of internal controls and use rigorous data analytics to evaluate risk, share our findings, and provide possible remediation. Our work is based on evidence, due audit care, fair representations of the findings, independence, and integrity.

Contact us to learn more about how our Regulatory and Audit services can manage risks to your company.


Regulatory and Audit Services

  • Internal Audit

  • Data Integration

  • External Audit Preparation

  • Data Analytics and Requirement Testing

  • Compliance Consulting

    • SOP Creation and Deployment

    • “Certified” Invoice Process

    • Organizational Restructuring

    • Process Realignment Employee Training

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