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From order to cash,
comprehensive receivables management.


1st Party Collections

Metro Group Maritime’s expert industry veterans act as your in-house collection staff. More frequent and highest quality outbound calls/contacts ensure significantly reduced DSO, over 30 / over 60, increased daily cash, and more timely root cause analysis and dispute resolution.

3rd Party Collections

Metro Group Maritime collects both disputed and undisputed debts throughout North America and across the world. When debts are disputed, we look first to mediate and resolve amicably. Early attorney intervention helps to prevent collection matters escalating into lawsuits and avoid the costs associated with such proceedings.

4th Party Collections

1st and 3rd party collections seamlessly integrated together under one roof to produce greater efficiencies resulting in vastly increased cash flow and superior time value of money ratios. 4th Party Collections is the new paradigm in account receivable management.


Metro Group Maritime is committed to exhausting every possible avenue to recover your outstanding debt. We use our own in-house investigative team to leverage a wide variety of cutting-edge databases, as well as a network of industry professionals that include licensed private detectives to track down every possible lead.

Bankruptcy Services

We can file proof of claims when a debtor files for bankruptcy protection and monitor bankruptcy cases. Metro Group Maritime has also developed expertise in defending our clients against preference actions. In the event of a reach-back situation, we have been able to successfully negotiate with bankruptcy trustees to reduce the amount our clients have had to reimburse debtors in the form of preference payments.


At times, a lawsuit is the only possible recourse. Our attorneys can file suit in most jurisdictions around the world – and our fee remains on mostly a contingent basis.

Accounts Receivable Consulting

We will scrutinize your existing bills of lading, service contract boiler plate and other agreements to strengthen vulnerable areas, and when necessary, draft new legal documents and agreements for your use. If the situation dictates, we have the capability of deploying Metro Group Maritime employees to assist and workshop with our clients' internal AR departments to implement new processes.

Metro Group Maritime's synthesis of 1st and 3rd party collections has been a game changer in shipping receivables management. Our 4th party collections service is a leader in the optimizing receivables management for global organizations. Read out case study for a detailed review of performance for a leading ocean carrier. 


Technology Solutions

Our data solutions leverage our over twenty-five years of specialized services in the collection of transportation and logistics receivables. Each system serves a specific purpose, elevating our client services and collection performance. 

CodexMC updated titles_crop.png
Collections Management Software icon logo.png

 Codex MC is an internal Metro Group tool containing motor carrier data that we have gathered over the years. We utilize this information to formulate our collections strategy.

Metro C.A.R.D. is our client access receivables database. It is a secure portal for clients to monitor their accounts 24/7. It provides full account details at the invoice and individual payment levels, and debtor pages monitor specific parties. Embedded charts and tables make tracking results easy, and the data exports to Excel .

TruckerTRAK is our credit bureau that identifies and tracks affiliated and “chameleon” truckers operating under aliases to evade debt collection. TruckerTRAK allows MetroGroup to quickly solve complex skip-tracing issues with truckers.  

Metro Group is experienced in working with most of the leading enterprise collection management software (CMS), including Peoplesoft, SAP, Oracle, GetPaid, and others. Our CMS knowledge streamlines data and records management for our clients, and we partner with leading CMS providers to support client integrations.

Business Process and Staffing Solutions

Metro Group Maritime offers professional staffing solutions to bolster teams in an immediate pinch or support mid- to long-term needs. Our Business Process Solutions team possesses the extensive professional background and foundational relationships to best address any back office need with the expertise of an insider.


Labor market volatility affects every organization, and when you need support with no time to lose, reach out to Metro Group. We are experienced, connected and tested. 


From accounting to customer service, documentation, sales support and collections assistance, the BPS team is both hyper-specialized and agile in approach. Our experienced team members can blend into your organization at a moments notice to turn a personnel gap into an operational strength. 

With vast experience in all aspects of shipping and a deep repository of industry relationships, Metro Group provides temporary staffing built on a higher caliber of trust. Our team members have on average 18 years of ocean carrier and logistics experience, and they adapt to cultural and operational differences bringing with them best practices to optimize process and increase productivity.

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