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A Pause in the Presses

When we began the Sunday Night Reads series in April of 2020, amid a sense of global disorientation, our initial focus was to examine the role of strength and perseverance in overcoming challenges that tested the human spirit throughout history. Our early essays sought to untangle the alienating feelings of the present by discussing instances in which we had prevailed in the past, an attempt to make some sense of the unfathomable. As that summer approached, our attention turned to the rise of social movements, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Recognizing our collective homebound tethering and increased need for comfort, we tried to also provide some small distraction with stories of sea shanties, musings on crime films, and investigations into overlooked etymologies of common colloquial phrases. The tales behind advancements in transportation technology and infrastructure were also heavily featured, from riding along with the creation of Eisenhower's interstate to charting man's journey into space. Unsung innovators and cultural icons alike were profiled, with particular attention paid to the details of their lives that still resonate today.

Throughout it all, Sunday Night Reads served as a reflection and an artifact for the arc of this remarkable and tumultuous passage in time. Our essays aimed to trace historical events to contemporary happenings with an eye toward global linkages. In a small way, Metro Group hopes that we have provided a brief moment of respite on Sunday evenings. In the spirit of continuing that shared experience, we have decided to draw this phase of the Sunday Night Reads tenure to a close while we begin a new venture.

With every ending comes a new beginning. We have relished in helping to foster a community of curious and considerate discourse, and just as adaptability has proven to be an essential bellwether in overcoming the hardships of the past few years, we are excitedly developing our next project. We look forward to sharing new stories with you in the future, as well as new ways of telling those stories.

Our team would like to thank the readers of Sunday Night Reads for their thoughts and support. We wish all of you a fond farewell, for now.

Until the next episode,

The Sunday Night Reads team


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